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Bitmining Market is the first store dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrency mining. Choose from a variety of new and refurbished ASIC miners and components as you build and grow your mining farm.

Drawing from years of mining experience, Bitmining Market can help you setup your new mining farm or improve your existing operation.

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Benefits of Mining

  • Receive Bitcoin in exchange for your computing power

    Miners process, verify and record transactions on the blockchain. In exchange for providing computing power, or hash power to the Bitcoin network, miners receive transaction fees and newly created bitcoin.

    Collectively, the Bitcoin network has over 100 million Terahashes per second. That means it can collectively make over 100 quintillion computations per second.

  • Why Bitcoin?

    Global and Decentralized: Bitcoin is a globally accepted decentralized currency that can be easily exchanged into most currencies.

    Real-Time Transactions: Transactions are recorded instantly on the blockchain and available in just a few minutes.

    Counterfeit-Proof and Irreversible Transactions: Bitcoin transactions are logged by miners on the bitcoin network. Once a transaction is confirmed on the network, the sender cannot duplicate that Bitcoin or reverse the transaction.

  • Miners keep the blockchain trustworthy

    The blockchain records all transactions. In exchange for providing power and keeping the blockchain trustworthy and reliable, miners are rewarded in Bitcoin.

    As more miners provide increasing hashing power, the network is safer and more trustworthy. A bad actor would have to control over half of the hashing power to record fraudulent transactions.

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Buy Antminer S9J 14.5 Th/s New with PSU



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Buy Antminer S9 14 Th/s New with PSU



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Buy Antminer S9 13.5 Th/s Used with PSU



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